Comprehensive Project Management for Your Lighting Design

Whether you need a full-fledged commercial lighting control system, LED lighting solutions, fixtures or any other lighting-related equipment, we have the expertise needed to determine the ideal products and processes for you. ProAutomated’s dedicated staff of lighting experts will manage the entire project – from system design and product selection, to installation and training – while helping alleviate the challenges along the way.

The ProAutomated Process

Commercial Process


Our field engineers will walk through your facility to identify your specific lighting needs and create a solution.

Commercial Products


We select all of the components. Our product-neutral approach ensures the right products for your space.

Commercial Install


We work with electrical contractors to ensure smooth project execution, eliminating delays and surprise expenses.

Commercial Programming


Our field engineers program your lighting system to achieve maximum performance to your specifications.

Commercial Training


We teach you how to use your new system before giving you full management of it.

Commercial Support


Our professional lighting experts provide follow-up adjustments to maintain optimal system performance.

ProAutomated Benefits

Reduced Expenses

You can save up to 60% of your lighting costs, which typically represents 39% of your total electricity usage. ProAutomated specifically designs solutions that maximize energy reduction and provide a continuous return on investment.

Improved Sustainability

Help your organization become a sustainability leader by decreasing your facility’s carbon footprint. The lighting control systems we design – including dimming, daylight harvesting, and occupancy/vacancy sensors – enable facility managers to optimize energy efficiency.

Enhanced Lighting Control

Integrate your lighting system with your building management system, enabling your facility manager to perform preventative maintenance, as well as monitor and control facility lights from anywhere through remote access.

Increased Employee Productivity

The effects of workspace lighting on employee mood, morale – and ultimately – productivity are often overlooked. The systems we design ensure building occupants can individually control shading and lighting so that it suits their personal tastes and needs.

Training & Follow-Up

Our lighting engineers will teach you and your employees how to use your new system so you’ll understand its functionality from day one. Have a question or concern after we leave? No problem. We offer ongoing support, and we’re always more than happy to help you figure it out.

Code Compliance

ProAutomated engineers are highly adept at navigating the complicated world of local building codes. We’ll go above and beyond the conventional steps to make sure your facility’s lighting proposal is accepted and that the project conforms to your state’s regulations.

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