The New York Times saved $600,000 on their annual power bill by adding a complete lighting control system. How much will you save?

NYT Building

You wouldn't let an employee sit around and collect hours. Why let your light bill do it?

The New York Times kicked their lights off the clock, and saved over half-a-million dollars in a single year. Lighting most likely accounts for 39% of your power bill. For health care facilities and hotels, that number can rise above 50%. Regardless, there is a solution available that will put money back in your pocket. We'll help plan the solution, and let you plan what to do with the savings.

Let's take a closer look at some frequently asked questions.

  • What exactly do lighting control systems do?

    Today's lighting control systems go far beyond simply turning lights on and off. They monitor when you enter and leave a room, independently fine tune light levels in each space of your building, control shades to prevent screen glare from effecting productivity, and even raise and lower light output based on the amount of sunlight coming in through windows.

  • Are there different levels of lighting control systems?

    Definitely. Lighting control systems range from single room solutions for heavily trafficked areas to complete solutions for an entire building, like the one used by The New York Times. To find out more about the different options available, please contact us.
  • What do we recommend?

    We recommend what's right for you. It sounds generic, but our solutions are anything but, and we wouldn't be able to give an accurate opinion without first talking with you to identify your needs.
  • Why ProAutomated?

    So that you can focus on what matters most. In five years, we've risen to the top of our industry by committing ourselves to quality and detail, allowing our client partners to focus on what they do, and not what they hired us to do.
  • Control sunlight with shades & blinds

    Have a conference room that is flooded by daylight? What about general office space that is so bright in the middle of the day, you can barely see your computer monitor? Automated window shades and blinds not only cut glare and regulate the amount of light coming in, they even help regulate temperature change and HVAC output, by keeping the most intense sunlight out.