ProAutomated Blog Entries

  • Five Trademarks of a High-Performance Facility

    Becoming a standout facility requires a proactive approach. Follow these steps to reduce costs, boost productivity and promote a positive image.

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  • Two Essential Strategies to Keep a Remote Team in Sync

    Managing a remote team isn’t as hard as you might think. Follow these strategies to ensure your remote team is engaged, accountable and productive.

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  • Tips for Screening and Hiring the Best Team Members

    Learn what five steps you should incorporate into your screening process in order to hire the best team members for your company.

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  • Eight Questions for a Lighting Engineer

    In a given week, we interact with building owners, property managers, electricians and maintenance personnel. Each comes with a different set of goals and questions, and we thought it would be helpful to capture a few of the most frequent questions and respond from the experience of the 30+ lighting experts on our team.

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  • Five Lighting Best Practices for Any Facility

    There are some basic elements to provide a well-lit and energy-efficient facility to people. We’ve outlined five Best Practices to implement in your facility.

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  • Learn How Communities Are Reversing Light Pollution Through Dark-Sky Initiatives

    Unchecked light pollution is blocking the stars, damaging human health and wasting energy (approximately $2.2 billion a year in the U.S.). The International Dark-Sky Association is trying to change that.

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