Let’s get to the point: How does a field service partnership with ProAutomated make your company stronger?

Our team of field service engineers is "Anywhere local" across North America and Canada so you have expanded reach.  Real time mobile status updates coming directly from our on-site field service engineers keep you better informed, so you always have the answers. Our state of the art training center will be stocked with your equipment, so your guys and our guys stay sharper. Full-time schedulers mean you will always be able to reach us, so we can be on the ground when needed. And perhaps most importantly, when your back is against the wall and you need a last-minute hail-mary, you can call us Doug Flutie. With our breadth of knowledge and size of our team, we can get someone out the door to get you out of a jam...so you can sleep more comfortably.

We're ready to help

Have a closer look at what we can offer

  • Anywhere Local Across the US and Canada

    That means less cost and prompt response to projects anywhere in North America. Our team of remotely located field engineers has an expertise in the lighting control industry for commissioning and troubleshooting new construction or retrofit lighting systems.
  • Documented Communication Process

    We provide Pre-project, On-site, and Post-project updates to all involved parties so that you have the right information ahead of time.
  • State-of-the-Art Training Facility

    Do your new hires get enough focused on-the-job training to equal 40 hours of non-stop training "for multiple weeks" at a training center? We have over 100 lighting fixtures of all control types and training boards capable of customizing for your specific equipment. We offer specialty training for new and existing employees on all lighting systems.
  • Electronic sign-off at every jobsite

    The electrician wants another visit on-site gratis. Should he get it? The electronic sign-off shows his open items from the last trip.
  • Internal Professionalism Training: We call it 'Social Engineering'

    Most problems aren't technical, they're social. Our people are prepared to set expectations, communicate clearly, and be considered the expert onsite.
  • Manpower to Handle Overflow

    We have the ability to handle over-flow work in the busiest times or with the busiest projects. If you have an over-sized project, we can provide the manpower to fill the gap and keep your project on schedule
  • Experience in any Situation

    Experience with over 10,000 lighting control projects across all 50 states, 9 provinces, and 6 countries. We've handled nights-only projects, high-security projects, day-long and year-long projects. We're experienced and able to perform under any circumstances.
  • Performance When it Counts

    Experience with difficult situations when the customer is angry, the deadline is tight, the hours are late, or the travel is extensive. We've been there and seen the projects through, when it matters most.
  • 24/7 real-time notes from the job site

    It's 2pm on Tuesday. How are your 17 projects going? Log in to our website and take a look with a custom ProAccessID.
  • Professional Dress on all jobsites

    Our team wears Khaki/Dress pants and collared shirts to every jobsite. We take pride in representing the companies we partner with and our dress reflects that.