Our Story

Founded by a former Lutron engineer, ProAutomated has an intense focus on maximizing energy efficiency and productivity through smart lighting. Since 2007, ProAutomated has been a leader in lighting solutions across North America. This started with field engineering providing expertise to lighting control manufacturers and has expanded to include design and project management to building owners and managers.

From day one, ProAutomated has emphasized professionalism and customer service. We remain committed to bringing each of our clients – regardless of their size – close, specialized consultation. Our team is available on-site across North America to provide clients with specialized lighting expertise to achieve their lighting goals, whether they be improved control, energy efficiency or code compliance. Our state-of-the-art training facility – the first of its kind in the industry – keeps our team on the cutting edge of lighting trends and technology.

Today our dedicated team is committed to improving the quality of life of our customers, coworkers and neighbors through improving light.

Our Mission is to:

Create cleaner air by reducing the need to build power plants

Create a company culture where people enjoy working and everyone contributes

Use lighting technology to update existing buildings, eliminating the need to tear down buildings

Increase workplace productivity by creating optimal lighting conditions

Reduce nighttime light pollution (“dark skyline”)

Build Trust

By consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations, we secure their confidence. By this confidence, we create trusted relationships. Through these relationships, we share how buildings can realize the great energy- and cost-saving capabilities of advanced lighting technology.

Deploy Expertise

We cover all of the logistics – from product recommendation to training and support – for clients across North America. And because our staff spends 100% of their time working in the lighting industry, we can be trusted as experts for the projects we implement.

Focus on the Future

With a presence in most major metropolitan markets, we continue our mission to improve the quality of life of others through lighting expertise, professionalism and service. We’ll continue to leverage innovation, while delivering on time and on budget, guaranteed.

Company Values

Integrity – Our words and actions speak Integrity even to our own fault.
Determination – We show Determination to succeed despite challenges that become roadblocks to others.
Excellence – We measure everything we do by Excellence. This is our only point of comparison.
Innovation – We drive Innovation by questioning the way things are done, and looking for how they can be done better.
Confidence – We have Confidence that can be felt by others as they shake our hand and put their trust in our ability.
Camaraderie – We are in this together and every teammember, client and partner can feel the Camaraderie of our team.
Caring – We will work hard and create great things, but Caring intently and sincerely about the people around us gives purpose to what we do.

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