ProAutomated was founded in 2007 to provide third-party field service for lighting control manufacturers.  Since starting as a one-man shop, the company has grown to become the largest third-party service provider in the lighting control industry, bringing expertise and professionalism to projects across North America.

That growth has stemmed from a commitment to finding the best engineers, and developing rigorous in-house technical training for new team members at our one-of-a-kind training center in Maryland.

Through a commitment to delivering quality work, ProAutomated has become the industry leader in lighting control field service.

With the expertise gained from 10 years in the industry, we have expanded to offer turnkey lighting solutions for existing buildings, focused on customized designs and thorough project management in installation, programming and training.  

 Our Values

On and off the job-site, the ProAutomated team works to represent the values we believe are important.  Each year, ProAutomated employees come together from all over the country to devote some time to local communities and focus on our collective values.