Performing control systems upgrades usually means all hands on deck to reduce customer downtime. Crazy hours, nights and weekends, ProAutomated is here to help. We’ll provide an infusion of resources when and where you need them. Our experienced staff has the wiring and electrical skills to rapidly reuse I/O and wiring, to document and test operations, and to diagnose and troubleshoot issues as we find them.

On-site Activities

  • Startup

  • Commissioning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Field Services

  • Input / Output checks

  • Loop Checks

  • PID Tuning

  • Volume testing

  • PLC/HMI coding and debugging

  • Installation Verification

  • validation

  • cybersecurity

  • Sensor configuration and startup

  • Low-voltage electrical wiring and troubleshooting

  • User acceptance testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Site Acceptance Testing

  • Site turnover

  • Operator training

  • Production support

  • Go-Live support