Frequently Asked Questions


How do System Integrators and Manufacturers use ProAutomated?

System Integrators use ProAutomated for on-site startup, commissioning, testing, and implementation of projects. Our typical tasks include I/O checkouts, loop checks, installation verification, electrical, hardware, and wiring troubleshooting, PLC debugging, field documentation, user acceptance testing, validation, and production support. We are road warriors traveling 100% of the time to project sites to do on-site services.

When should I use ProAutomated for on-site startup services?

If the startup, commissioning, troubleshooting or support of your projects requires at least one of your controls engineers to be on-site for one week or more, using ProAutomated typically makes sense.

What specific technical skills do ProAutomated engineers have?

Our specific technical skills can be found on our Industries and Core Skills page. If you do not see your industry or the specific skill you are looking for listed, contact us and we will get training for our engineers at our expense to support your project.

What are your rates and response times?

Our rate for an on-site engineer is $85-$100 per hour, billed in full-day increments of $850-$1000 per day for a 10-hour day. Most of our customers schedule us 2 to 4 weeks in advance, though we can typically respond to requests within 1 week.

Where are you located?

We are local anywhere. Most of our team is based out of major metropolitan hubs. See our About Us page for a map of our locations. We have engineers based within a two-hour drive of 80% of the US population and we are in 16 of the largest 20 cities in the US. Our engineers traveled over 4 million miles in 2018!

Are all of your On-Site Engineers full-time employees of ProAutomated?

Yes, all of our on-site engineers are full-time employees of ProAutomated. We are not a workforce platform and we do not outsource labor.

How do I know ProAutomated will represent me well in front of my customer?

All ProAutomated engineers go through intensive customer service training when they start with ProAutomated. In addition, we use customer service aptitude profiles during our recruiting and hiring process to make sure we get the right customer-oriented engineers on our team.

My projects are technically complicated, how can ProAutomated help?

ProAutomated's commissioning team is made up mostly of engineers. We hire many degreed electrical or mechanical engineers who prefer to work in the field and interact with customers. There is not much our team cannot do or fix in the field. If additional training is required for ProAutomated to work for you, we cover this training at our expense.

Do you have Controls Engineers on your team?

Not in the traditional sense. We are on-site startup and commissioning engineers. While we are dangerous around PLC code, most of our programming work involves debugging and troubleshooting in the field. We do not design control systems. We work for System Integrators and Manufacturers and not directly for end users.

When shouldn't I use ProAutomated for on-site commissioning services?

If your projects require the system to be programmed or designed on-site, with little testing or implementation required, using ProAutomated does not make sense. We are not system designers or full-time programmers.

Can I expect to make money using ProAutomated?

You can! Our customers report being more profitable using ProAutomated commissioning engineers because of the following:

  • Increased retention and ease of recruiting engineers

  • Markup on ProAutomated rates when billed to their customer

  • Increased project capacity for their engineers

  • Increased productivity of their engineers

  • Decreased project travel expenses