On-site Field Service and Commissioning

We partner with system integrators, and manufacturers to provide on-site commissioning and troubleshooting field services to the industrial automation industry. We take the on-site testing, installation verification, and commissioning so your engineers can keep programming and designing new systems.

Since 2007 we have completed over 13,000 on-site automation and controls projects. Our 82 road warrior Field Engineers and Technicians like to travel to complete on-site project work. They are trained and certified in the skills necessary to succeed on-site -- technical troubleshooting, communication, documentation, and safety.  


Here are the benefits our customers are telling us about:

Increased project capacity

On average, our partners are able to increase their project capacity by 25% without making a single internal engineering hire. Not only do we solve problems such as not having enough engineering resources to cover the commissioning and testing work you already have, we also allow our customers to take on more projects. Our customer's know they always have a partner to provide on-site commissioning and troubleshooting services for their projects.

Increased profits

Our customers make an average profit increase of $300 per day per engineer every time they use ProAutomated. How? Our per day cost is usually the same or less than the cost they are using to cost their own engineers. This one-for-one swap allows your engineers to increase profits by moving on to new billable work. Our nationwide team of field engineers also means your travel expenses significantly improve every time you use ProAutomated.

Increased engineering retention

The number one complaint we hear from engineers in industrial automation is the need to travel on-site for customer projects. We have seen a significant increase in the ability to retain engineers at our partner companies when they use ProAutomated for their on-site commissioning and troubleshooting work. Less travel for your engineers means greater job satisfaction, greater productivity, and less stress for them and for you. They continue to do the job they love with little travel.

Increased customer satisfaction

Wait, how can using a third-party on-site field service provider increase my customer's satisfaction? Won't they be less satisfied? We have found our partner companies report an increase in end user satisfaction while using ProAutomated. Why is that?

We hire and build our team of field engineers with a unique and specific customer service profile. These are engineers and technicians who love to interact with all types of people, solve customer problems, and travel 100% of the time. We spend weeks training our team on customer service skills and walking them through interactive role-plays for handling challenging situations typically faced on-site.