ProAutomated offers a range of tailored services on existing lighting control systems and projects nationwide.  We partner with contractors and lighting distributors to help meet the needs of their clients, as well as provide services directly to building operations teams looking for help on an immediate problem.

Our nationwide team of Field Service Engineers are trained and certified as experts in lighting control equipment from all major manufacturers.  The scale and geographical coverage of our team ensures we meet our clients' needs for responsiveness and support, no matter the location. 

Here's how we can help.

Retrofit Lighting Control System Design

For distributors and contractors bidding on lighting projects, ProAutomated can review drawings for lighting control specification and go on-site to design a value-engineered control package that will help win the job. Our designs can be replicated across regional or national accounts to provide uniformity and quick response for clients.

Programming and Troubleshooting

Many clients have lighting control systems that do not work correctly. ProAutomated engineers will meet to evaluate the lighting control system, provide consultation on system capabilities, and program the lighting control system to function as requested by the client. ProAutomated also provides start-up programming services for new lighting control systems that have recently been installed.

End User Training

New building staff may require training in lighting control system software and hardware that was installed before their tenure. ProAutomated has developed comprehensive system trainings that empower building engineers and managers to maintain their lighting control system and confidently apply changes as the needs of building occupants change over time.

Preventative Maintenance

Lighting control system components age over time. ProAutomated engineers can assess the status of a client's lighting control system and highlight system components that control the highest lighting load. We will clean all sensitive digital equipment, test sensors, perform required software updates and backup system databases for recovery in the case of critical failure.

Fine-tuning and System Optimization

To get the most out of a lighting control system, ProAutomated will adjust the brightness levels of all lighting zones to create the ideal ambiance, and preserve those settings so the client can recall them, depending on the use of the space. The engineer will also adjust occupancy sensors and button presses to maximize the system's functionality.