3 Reasons System Integrators Use ProAutomated

Every System Integrator I talk to is worried about staffing and is turning down projects because they don’t have the resources. It's time to change the labor equation and start using engineering resources to their highest potential.

ProAutomated partners with System Integrators to break labor and resources into two buckets -- engineering work (design, programming) and on-site work (commissioning, system testing). We have 82 road warrior Field Engineers and Technicians located in every major city in the country who take on-site project work such as:

  • System startups and commissioning
  • User acceptance testing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and on-going project support

The skills sets required to be a great design engineer are different than the skills sets required to be a great commissioning engineer. These two types of engineers have different styles and strengths. Because of this, there are 3 main reasons System Integrators are using ProAutomated for their on-site engineering services bucket.

#1 - More projects

Using a company like ProAutomated for on-site commissioning allows you to take on more projects without adding headcount. If your typical controls engineer travels 40% of the time for on-site work, using ProAutomated can free up one-third of your engineering time overnight. If you have 10 engineers, that means using ProAutomated can free up the equivalent of adding 3 -- already trained -- engineers.

#2 - Less travel

The number one job complaint for controls engineers is the amount they travel. ProAutomated can reduce the amount of time your engineers travel by as much as 90%. Less travel increases the quality of life of your engineering team which leads to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and longer time with your company.

#3 - Increased profits

Profits increase as your engineers take on more projects. Profits increase as you use local resources from ProAutomated and lower your travel expenses. Profits increase when your engineers, especially younger ones, stay with you longer and as recruiting gets easier. ProAutomated resources are likely the same cost as you are internally using to cost your engineers, so these profit increases go straight to your project’s bottom line.

In today's tight labor market, it's more important than ever to use engineering labor resources efficiently. It's time to change the equation and to take advantage of the different skill sets these two buckets can offer.