ProAutomated offers Site Management services to select clients. Our Site Managers act as the on-site eyes and ears for your off-site project manager. We represent you while we monitor, report, and document during installation and executions phases. From daily meetings with the contracting trades to daily reports to the project manager, we make sure your project is executed with quality, within scope, and on-time and on-budget.

On-site Core Activities

  • Safety Checks

  • Contact List Management

  • Decision Making

  • Communication

  • Lost Time Tracking

  • Day-To-Day Operations

  • Site Readiness evaluations

  • Lost Time Tracking

  • Problem Solving

  • Progress Management/Reporting

  • Documentation

  • Project Forecasting

General Core Skill Sets

  • Strong Organizational Skills

  • Decisive

  • Effective Communication

  • Personable

  • Safety Oriented

  • Responsive

  • ProActive

  • Detail Oriented

  • Problem Solving

  • highly Motivated

  • Attentive

  • Prioritizing