For requests for Title 24 Acceptance Testing service in California, call the ProAutomated Title 24 Hotline to speak with one of our state-certified lighting controls experts:

Northern Califorrnia: (628) 300-3213

Southern Califorrnia: (213) 805-8894

Since 2013, the California Energy Code mandates lighting controls are included in lighting-related projects for new and existing buildings.  The extent of requirements is determined by type of building space and size of building. 

The ProAutomated Title 24 team is certified by the state of California to perform acceptance testing of lighting controls equipment for compliance with the Title 24 energy code.  This acceptance testing is required for a building to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.


For contractors and electrical distributors, a ProAutomated partnership for Title 24 lighting services ensures that code compliance never causes delay in important project timelines.

The Triple-A Guarantee

Anywhere Local

Our Acceptance Technicians are spread across California, reducing travel delays and complications.

Anytime Available

Our 48 hour response time ensures that we can meet your schedule for acceptance testing.

Any Project Passing

A ProAutomated partnership means your project will pass our acceptance testing, guaranteed.


If you have specific questions about Title 24 compliance, want to inquire about bulk acceptance testing service packages, or are looking for emergency Title 24 acceptance testing for a building, fill out the contact information below.  We are ready and waiting.

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