The ProAutomated Title 24 team is state-certified to ensure compliance with the California Energy Code. 

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Since 2013, the California Energy Code mandates lighting controls are included in lighting-related projects for new and existing buildings.  The extent of requirements is determined by type of building space and size of building. 

The ProAutomated Title 24 team is certified by the state of California to perform acceptance testing of lighting controls equipment for compliance with the Title 24 energy code.  This acceptance testing is required for a building to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.


For contractors and electrical distributors, a ProAutomated partnership for Title 24 lighting services
ensures that code compliance never causes delay in important project timelines.

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Our Acceptance Technicians are spread across California, reducing travel delays and complications.


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Our 48 hour response time ensures that we can meet your schedule for acceptance testing.


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A ProAutomated partnership means your project will pass our acceptance testing, guaranteed.


Title 24 - Mandatory Lighting Controls


Daylight Harvesting


The Legislation

Luminaires providing general lighting in designated daylit zones shall be controlled independently by fully functional automatic daylighting controls. Automatic daylighting controls shall provide functional multilevel lighting.

The Solution

ProAutomated will install daylight sensors in daylit spaces and calibrate them to meet the energy reduction requirements specified in the code.



Automatic Shut-off


The Legislation

All installed indoor lighting shall be controlled with an occupant sensing control, automatic time-switch control, or other control capable of automatically shutting OFF all of the lighting when the space is typically unoccupied.

The Solution

Depending on how the specific building spaces are used, ProAutomated will implement a mix of occupancy sensors and automated time clocks to prevent annoyance for occupants and adhere to the energy code.



Multi-level Lighting


The Legislation

The general lighting of any enclosed area 100 square feet or larger, with a connected lighting load that exceeds 0.5 watts per square foot shall have the required number of control steps outlined depending upon load type.

The Solution

In retrofit applications, ProAutomated will assess the existing load types and design a solution that best fits the control requirements for the space. Retrofit dimming applications require lighting controls design that won't damage existing surfaces and finishes.



Exterior Lighting Photocell


The Legislation

All installed outdoor lighting shall be controlled by a photocontrol or outdoor astronomical time-switch control that automatically turns OFF the outdoor lighting when daylight is available.

All installed outdoor lighting, where the bottom of the luminaire is mounted 24 feet or less above the ground shall be controlled by motion sensors in response to the area being vacated of occupants.

The Solution

When designing outdoor retrofit lighting control systems, ProAutomated will add the mandated "photocontrol" that senses daylight, or an astronomic timeclock that stores sunrise and sunset times for your specific geographic location. Rugged, outdoor occupancy sensors detect motion for required luminaires without being harmed by the elements.



Manual Dimming


The Legislation

All luminaires shall be functionally controlled with manually switched ON and OFF lighting controls that are located in the same room or area as the lighting being controlled.

The Solution

ProAutomated has a range of wireless retrofit solutions that allow for local dimmers and switches to control the lighting in a room or area without cutting holes in the walls or tearing up a finished space.



Demand Response


The Legislation

Lighting power in buildings larger than 10,000 square feet shall be capable of being automatically reduced in response to a Demand Response Signal; so that the building’s total lighting power can be lowered by a minimum of 15 percent below the total installed lighting power.

The Solution

ProAutomated lighting control system designs will, when required, utilize a central "computer" that sends commands out to lighting fixtures to dim by the required amount when receiving a demand response signal from the utility provider. ProAutomated has specialized in designs that achieve this code requirement without "overbuilding" the lighting control system.