The smart buildings where people live, work and play have enhanced ambiance, increased energy efficiency, aided in productivity and comfort, and provided safety and security.

Lighting and the systems for controlling lighting have become more complex as technology has evolved.  Centralized computer systems have an array of sensors, touchscreens and LEDs that provide automation and an increased level of lighting management.

This added complexity may cause confusion when older lighting technologies must be replaced due to wear and failure.  Building owners, property managers and facility engineers need a resource to call to assist in navigating solutions to lighting difficulties in the new era of technology.

ProAutomated is that resource.  Our process for turnkey lighting control projects eliminates complexity. Our clients enjoy the simple, elegant results of incorporating smart lighting systems into their buildings and rest easy knowing ProAutomated is there with support into the future. 

The ProAutomated Process


Needs Analysis
A Solutions Engineer provides a free on-site analysis of lighting control needs in the building, and listen to client objectives.


Solution Presentation
ProAutomated presents a turnkey solution including product, services and information on projected schedule and system benefits.


Project Management
A dedicated Project Manager will handle product orders and delivery, installation and scheduling. Clients have one contact through all stages of the project.


System Programming
ProAutomated Field Engineers program the lighting system to achieve client objectives, fine-tune performance, and improve ease of use.


Client Training
Once the new lighting system is tested, ProAutomated provides in-depth training on the operation of components and software.


Ongoing Support
ProAutomated is committed to supporting clients after projects are complete and serving as a long term resource for questions and concerns.