ProAutomated is the largest independent automation and controls on-site field service provider in the country.  We provide on-site commissioning and troubleshooting services to industries ranging from industrial automation, lighting controls, medical devices, energy metering, and retail automation.

We are local anywhere.  With 75 full-time field engineers and technicians across North America, we have completed over 13,000 automation and controls projects since 2007. We continue to build value through on-site field services.

Industrial Automation

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We partner with system integrators and manufacturers to provide commissioning and troubleshooting on-site field services. Our field engineers work on-site so your engineers can continue to design and program.

Learn more about the industries we serve, our partners, and our technical skill sets in the field of industrial automation.

Lighting Controls


Lighting controls manufacturers look to us to provide controls and automation on-site commissioning and troubleshooting services across the country for their projects.

Learn more about our ProAutomated process for retrofit, turnkey lighting projects, view a portfolio of our work, and see our Title 24 capabilities.

Other Industries


Our independent, third-party field service team is ready to meet your on-site needs. We are in automation and controls industries where we can add value as an on-site service partner.

We partner with companies in industries such as energy metering, medical devices, and retail automation.